About: Future WordPress Home for JeremyLewis.org

For the current site, written since 2000 AD, in HTML versions since 3.79, see JeremyLewis.org = Political-Science.org.

The site holds course materials for a broad set of political science courses conducted since 2000, plus my professional documents, and the following sub-sites:

AWAC.us, an archive of notes of speeches given to Alabama World Affairs Council, 2000-2020. The current website for the Council is at ALWAC.org and on Facebook at “AWAC Alabama World Affairs Council”.

FreedomInfo.us, comprising a blog covering about 2000-2014, and an archive of links and quotes on freedom of information, official information, public records, transparency and access to official information issues in the US, UK and globally.

AlaPSA.us, an archive of documents for the Alabama Political Science Association 2000-2015.

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